Thursday, May 19, 2016

How I got from There to Here

How I got from There to Here

[Catching up with an old friend from high school.]
Dear Bob,

Damn, it’s been more than a year since I finally found you on the Internet, and what do I do after decades of regularly wondering “whatever became of…?” I drop the ball. Thank you for your reply via Facebook message. It was short enough to be modest and long enough to open the door to seriously catching up. I’ll start by replying to it.

You may remember that, in high school, I had precious few friends, that I was socially reclusive, and that my religion seemed to be against almost everything. Fair enough. Somehow, you found it in yourself to be kind to me and I still count you (other than the two women I’ve married) as my second and last “best friend.” So, that means a lot to me, but enough with weeping and gnashing teeth.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Delayed Recovery from Climate Change Gases

Delayed Recovery from Climate Change Gases

The actual letter to the editor

Dear Editor,
Your Editorial opinion (Messenger News, Feb. 17, 2012) about coal, gas emissions, and global warming seems to be misinformed. You referred to a new article in Science to oppose “Obama’s EPA.” You also stated that the American people have been misled and that Congress should be furious with [President] Obama.

I looked up the research report and found that CO2 emissions are still important because they produce “long-term inertial responses.” One conclusion, however, was that efforts to reduce emissions of methane and soot (which act more quickly) should receive additional priorities in order achieve greater short-term benefits.

Also, it seems that coal mining releases methane and burning coal emits soot. Therefore, your argument against the actions of our government to protect our welfare is weakened. I also came across information that the health costs related to burning coal is approximately equal to the value of the energy produced.

I, for one, am glad that research is already reducing production costs for systems such as the wind generators that help make Iowa a net exporter of energy.
David Satterlee

[An extended and detailed comment follows.]