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David and Dianna Satterlee
David Satterlee, Author
David Satterlee is one of those untamed souls who constantly seeks to know and understand. His wife lives in dread of his personal library someday crashing through the floor of his office into the living room. Undeterred, he maintains that, "a man knows himself by the books he keeps."

After retiring from a quarter-century of industrial control, computer and communications work in manufacturing and refining, he spent a decade as a consulting herbalist, and went on to manage media production for a Utah publisher. 

Portrait by
Ethan Ackerson (age 5)
In this time, David pursued a quest to understand why we think, believe, and act the way we do. He developed from a lay minister, through interests in technology, meditation, natural healing, psychology, and philosophy. Now mobility and neurologically disabled, his personal goals are to read, think, write, and repeat. Helping to make the world a better place for future generations wouldn't hurt either.

D and Di live in a semi-rural home south of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Despite being married, they are exceptionally-good friends. Dianna is a retired elementary school teacher with additional experience in library science, gifted/talented programs and music. She still gives music lessons and indulges a passion for writing and playing music "in the cracks." In their spare time, they entertain neighbors with their liberal and eccentric antics.

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