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Building Your Network Business:
Proven Ideas From Successful Leaders

Building Your Network Business:
Proven Ideas From Successful Leaders
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This book is for everyone who wants to consider, start, operate or grow their network marketing business. It provides 104 brief topical discussions organized into sections dedicated to building your personal, marketing, and networking skills.

I have prepared PDF versions of sections of the entire Building Your Network Business: Proven Ideas From Successful Leaders book for you to download, sample, enjoy and pass around. Each entry, below, includes (or will include):

  • The title,
  • A brief synopsis,
  • Tweetable text including:
  • An embedded link to a viewable and downloadable PDF file of the entire piece, and
  • A link to a discussion blog post on this site for that individual piece. I hope that you will actively participate in commenting on what you read.
You will quickly discover that the downloadable PDF is wrapped in my contact information (in the header) and information about some of my books (in the footer). This seemed to be a fair trade. You get to share your favorite parts with friends, they get to score some pretty cool free samples, and I really appreciate the extra exposure,

This is how much of modern direct-to-reader publishing and marketing is going to work. I depend on your good will and social contacts. I hope that we will end up considering each other to be friends. Thank you! DavidS

p.s.: For this book, especially, if you find yourself setting about to print more than a couple of sections (like for handouts at a group training meeting), you should probably just go ahead and buy the entire book. Thank you!

But first, a little praise for the author and the book

  • David just plain gets it. He demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence and sees how we can improve ourselves and our work while treating others with understanding and respect.
  • This is not your usual rah-rah. There are some people who shouldn't get into network marketing. The author seems as equally comfortable warning them off as he is showing the rest of us how to succeed.
  • This book is more than a list of ideas for self-employed entrepreneurs; it can also be taken as a general guide for living a happier, more-effective life.
  • There are more practical ideas, packed more densely, than I have seen anywhere. This is a very practical guide. Relevant quotes from successful leaders and historical figures provide frequent food for thought.

Section 1 - Introductory Stuff

  • A little background
  • It's all just food for thought
  • Ideas for using this guide
  • Additional quotes on personal growth

Section 2 - Communicating - Part 1

  • First impressions
  • Just ask
  • Take the time to listen
  • Interactive listening
  • Reading people
  • Tell stories
  • Projecting passion
  • Sincerity

Section 2 - Communicating - Part 2

  • Your attitude toward customers
  • How to answer the phone
  • Phone folks frequently
  • Keep business phone calls organized
  • Write a letter (or email)
  • Keep in touch
  • Always follow up
  • Make meetings fun
  • Use company videos 

Section 3 - A Small Business in the Family

  • Getting your husband's respect and attention
  • Getting respect from family and friends
  • Involving your spouse 
  • Involving your children
  • Living herbally ever after
  • Men, women and relationships 

Section 4 - Mastering the Vision Thing

  • Personality types your approach to work
  • Life and love as art
  •  The entrepreneurial personality
  • Decide to be a Sponsor/Manager
  • ... and then you get letters ...
  • Cast your bread upon the water
  • Time: Use it or lose it
  • I see (I.S.E.E.) what I should do
  • Help for a hurting world
  • Draw a treasure map

Section 5 - Getting it Done - Part 1

  • Commit to goals - visualize the results
  • Just don't do it
  • Success isn't always easy
  • Sometimes, success is easy
  • Hard work
  • Honest and integrity
  • Who is "we?"

 Section 5 - Getting it Done - Part 2

  • Dare to dream
  • Set outrageous goals
  • Preparation + Opportunity = Advancement 
  • Keep on keeping on
  • Doing the right thing before
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Doing the right thing after 

Section 6 - Coping with Fear, Risk and Crisis

  • The people keep you going
  • Handling rejection
  • Overcoming fear
  • If your friends and family don't understand
  • Risk = Commitment (Burning your bridges)
  • Crisis time: excuse or challenge?
  • Revisiting failure
  • When you do wrong
  • If you say it, you have to do it

Section 7 - Self Improvement

  • If it is to be, it's up to me!
  • How to test your motives
  • Know thyself
  • The pleasures of dedicated work
  • Approval and control
  • Waiting 'till later - the classic negator
  • Buy some flowers
  • Looking good
  • Love: The best motivation
  • Zest for life 

Section 8 - A Guide to Learning

  • Learning is a never-ending process of personal change
  • Imitate what works for others
  • Don't be limited by what others do
  • Everybody starts out ignorant
  • Build a library and read at least one book every month
  • Learning and teaching 

Section 9 - Exerting Influence and Gaining Compliance Part 1

  • Our predictable social responses
  • The purposes of communication
  • Stimulating positive results
  • Making commitments: "CoudjaWoudjaWhen"
  • What gets rewarded gets done
  • Price is associated with quality
  • Coupons mean a discount

Section 9 - Exerting Influence and Gaining Compliance Part 2

  • It's easier to believe the experts
  • Evaluating relative differences
  • We feel obliged to return the favor
  • Negotiating
  • We feel committed to our choices
  • We value what we have to fight for
  • If everybody is doing it, it must be right

Section 9 - Exerting Influence and Gaining Compliance Part 3

  • The power of direct command
  • Everyone likes to be liked
  • Compulsive response to authority
  • Get it while you can
  • Because there is a reason
  • The best defenses against exploitation
  • Creating change
  • Managing change

Section 10 - Doing Business from Home

  • It just took over the house
  • Where there's nowhere to hide
  • Setting (and enforcing) business hours
  • Less TV, more real life
  • Bottles behind the bushes
  • Don't forget your family
  • When you outgrow the house
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