Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fergus Scores Again

Fergus Scores Again

A Fergus Johnson story of gender relations
[Published in Life Will Surprise You in the End: Short Stories by David Satterlee (2014)]

What brings us together so urgently in times of tragedy or triumph?
[Note: Contains sensual imagery and non-explicit accounts of sexual activity.]

Fergus Johnson’s steady girlfriend, whom we need not name, was upset with him about something and refused to come to the big game. Fergus was afraid that this would distract him from performing at his best. Nonetheless, Fergus scored the winning goal of the final soccer game that season. Emotions ran high as his friends and fans flooded onto the field. His teammates were elated at their victory and continued to celebrate in the dressing room. Shortly afterward, still flushed with the thrill of success and a sense of unbounded power, Fergus found that several girls were enthusiastically waiting for him at the stadium exit.

A girl named Cathy left the group, ran to him, and jumped into his startled embrace. She felt like she was floating as she melted into his strength; her feet were actually six inches off the ground as he held her. Fergus had seen Cathy around. He had been watching her and she knew it. Cathy was infatuated with Fergus as well, which he was now discovering. He was aroused by the swell of her breasts pressed into his ribs, the smell of her hair, his grasp of her rump as he lowered her to the ground, the pulse of pheromones wafting in the air, and the surge of oxytocin coursing in his blood. Cathy was feeling pretty good as well.

They stood together looking at each other and
grinning foolishly for a few moments; reluctant to break the spell of the intoxicating thrill that had suddenly bound them. They were now sharing a powerful sense of invincibility. Fergus bent down and kissed her lips, which softened and parted slightly to meet his. Adding a brisk hug, he asked if she needed a ride home. Curiously, she did.

On the way, they chatted easily. Their bond felt natural, full, and complete. Wanting to not end the magic, they pulled off into a quiet area and talked some more. Somewhere during that time, they held hands, moved closer, leaned into each other, kissed, petted, and retired to the back seat for some urgent copulation. Their orgasmic flush only reinforced the strength of their sudden new discovery of each other.

Ten years later, Fergus and Cathy are sitting together in their living room while watching the evening news on television. The commentator reports on the scandal of yet another popular and powerful politician having an illicit affair and remarks that successful men seem prone to such liaisons. Cathy glances over at Fergus, who recognizes her look and smiles back. Together, they walk to their bedroom and share yet another experience of power, triumph, and greatness.