Friday, December 25, 2015

Me and My Kitties

Me and My Kitties

Well, here I lay. I’m with my cats.
We’re all just having kitty chats.
Right now, I’m talking most somehow
‘cause they don’t hardly say meow.

The small one is my favorite kitty;
Silky fur makes her so pretty.
I think that petting her is grand
And then she sometimes licks my hand.

I tell her that she’s lots of fun
And how she is my favorite one.
She yawns again and starts to stare.
She might have noticed that I’m there.

She’ll warm my lap and let me pet her.
She’ll stay forever if I let her.
She’s hears another kitty cry
And runs away with no goodbye.

Or maybe she just left to nibble
Several bites of kitty kibble.
Or maybe she just went away
To go do something else today.

Cats are great to have around.
They’re good to talk to, I have found.
Cats love to hear all that I say…
Until they’re bored and go away.

David Satterlee