Friday, January 8, 2016

Sleepless in Vancouver

Sleepless in Vancouver

Here I lay, so late at night,
On the couch, beneath a light.
Here I’m likely to remain,
As I listen to the rain.

I’m alone; the house is still.
Droplets splash the window sill.
Metal roof and tree leaves dripping,
‘have a book but pages flipping.

Vacant words. I’m not quite reading.
Comprehension’s not succeeding.
Refrigerator hums along –
Counterpoint to nature’s song.

Cat is curled up tail to nose
At my feet’s the place he chose.
Must be nice to relax there,
Breathing faintly, not a care.

I’ll have wasted half the night,
Waking, still, at morning light.
I’ve many things I need to do
When rain and sleepless nights are through.

But, true to my ironic fate,
I’ll work fatigued and come home late.
I’ll wait again for sleep to come
Accomp’nied by rain’s steady drum.

David Satterlee