Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book: The Role of Productivity in Community Success: The Jesuit-Guarani Cultural Confluence

The Role of Productivity in Community Success: The Jesuit-Guarani Cultural Confluence

This historical essay, drawn from the deepest jungles of Uruguay in South America, examines the creation of a flourishing culture and economy that lasted for almost two centuries. It explores the guided development of a virtuous web of social and economic controls that mixed the philosophy of Catholic Jesuit missionaries with the traditions of the native GuaranĂ­ peoples.

An unprecedented experiment in progressive community-building may have once created that rarest of cultural treasures – a functional and stable utopia... ended only by outside pressures of conquest and exploitation.

This is a living parable for our changing world, now suffering from seemingly-intractable political, cultural and economic turmoil… and struggling to be born into a tenuous future on uncertain threads of hope and despair. Rapid introduction of technology, educational systems, health care systems and social order have succeeded before – balancing competition and consumption in a new kind of community – and might be made to work again as we seek to create our own "new economy."

In this startling synthesis, Mr. Satterlee brings together and introduces: 

  • historical records, 
  • the social theories of the Catholic Church, 
  • the management theories of Peter Drucker, 
  • the psycho-social theories of Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics Integral, and
  • the economics ideas of William Lewis and the McKinsey Global Institute on “the power of productivity.”

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