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Poem: The Art of Seeing

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The Art of Seeing

Life Will Get You in the End:
Short Stories by David Satterlee

from the book: Life Will Get You in the End:
Short stories by David Satterlee

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A young poet reflects of the fact that poetry doesn't always come right out and say what the poet is saying. News flash: You gotta read between the lines.

The Art of Seeing

(compare 1 Corinthians 7:7)
Poetry, as you may know,
Is strange and hard to write.
Making words fit as they should
Is often no delight.

And not just words, but rhythm too
Must be made to harmonize.
“It comes with practice, soon enough”
Is truthful, though it lies.

An equal art in verse is found
In those who read and see
That what is written is not all
The author meant to be.

For as they see beyond the words,
They make the verse complete,
And feed, then, not on words, but thoughts
And rest back. Full. Replete.
                                      October 23, 1969