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Science Fiction:Colony Survey Review Report

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Colony Survey Review Report

from the book: Life Will Get You in the End:
Short stories by David Satterlee

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Life Will Get You in the End:
Short Stories by David Satterlee

Hard (I mean really hard) science fiction. What if the development of humans, and our planet, was being intensely observed and regularly adjusted by aliens? What changes would be in our greatest common good? What would the progress report to senior managers look like? 

Colony Survey Review Report:

Sequence = 4116825935-SR
Authorization Request - Primary Summary
Reference Taxonomy:
Supercluster: Dagmark 43K03
Galaxy Cluster: 00012-53977
Galaxy: 00000-04651
Segment: Cantamar arm
Star: 00343-75197/”Sol” (archaic)
Colony: Gamma3/”Earth” (archaic)
Report Status:
Submitted to first available Class-4 Stochastic MentaCluster for actionable directives. All extant data cores of previous surveillance and intervention initiatives are incorporated.
Intervention Urgency:
This report contains strategic and tactical elements with high temporal urgency. Our model indicates that the colony is:
***AT RISK***
Ecological Sustainability ES-50 score = 3.7 PSG (Primary Sentient Generations)
Cultural Development Index = 3.5 [Note: This is a calculated mean and reflects instability, rapid transition, and an exceptionally wide-spread and dense mix.]

Colony Status
Aquatic and surface reserve secondary sentient species remain inhibited by manipulative capacity and forebrain development. 

Rapid and uneven cultural and technical development of the Primary Sentient Species has exceeded expectations and is threatening ecological stability, principally through inter- and intra-cultural conflicts, as well as unexpectedly high demands for geological hydrocarbon and other environmental reserves.

1. Although at risk, this colony is
potentially viable and represents successful, if marginally stable, management. We recommend continued investment and intervention at 0.6 Primary Sentient Generation intervals.
2. Our key strategy is to accelerate the advancement of individuals and cultures more quickly through lower level worldviews to achieve a minimum mean of 6, the first station within the Second Level.
3. Climate excursions should be allowed to accelerate unimpeded, moderating population growth, especially in the disadvantaged arid and lower-lying areas, which contain the highest concentration of 1-4 Cultural Development Index populations.
4. Technical injections should concentrate on computational and energy-generation efficiencies, as well as materials science. The primary goal is to achieve markedly improved productivity and efficiency in sustaining activities.
5. Our Non-Governmental-Organization partners should be directed to increase their efforts to help CDI 1-4 groups overcome survival obstacles, infrastructure limitations, and educational access issues that are currently preventing transcendence.
6. Our philosophic and religious partners should be directed to lead their influence groups away from dogmatic and passive formalism toward more-tolerant actively-compassionate spirituality. Morality, character, ethics, and an understanding of human development processes should be increasingly promulgated. Our partners should also be made aware of the importance of helping cultures that are blocked at the CDI 5 consensus/tolerance level to transcend into the Integral Systems mode of thinking.
7. Tactical plans must be implemented to aggressively deny access of all lower Cultural Development groups to CDI 4+ weapons, for which their worldview prevents their restrained use.
8. The nutritional levels of processed foods are inadequate and are producing reduced vitality and counterproductive medical interventions. Medical and other science leaders must be persuaded that adequate raw-food micronutrient consumption and preventive education and care are vital. The process must be accelerated by the force of law if necessary.
9. As the issues of exponential growth threaten global systems, CDI 6+ individuals must be promoted into roles of leadership and influence. Awareness of global issues should be increased to the level of anxious concern, but not panic so that national groups will be willing to collaborate within, and submit to, new global authority organizations.
10. Virility of diseases transmitted via promiscuous reproductive activity of the PSS (Primary Sentient Species) should be increased by 0.2 / PSG until the Mean Cultural Index reaches 5.2, at which point colony-directed disease eradication efforts may be enhanced. This surge will serve to cull less-productive individuals with intransigent tendencies and promote general development past hedonism to community service.
11. Other communicable diseases should be aggressively inhibited by 0.3 / PSG. This will facilitate and increase the safety of cultural intermixture with the end effect of supporting valuable otherwise-isolated diverse population groups.
12. A member of our survey crew has persuaded us to request that cats be designated as the universal domestic companion species.

What a gawdawful unreadable mess. If you made it this far, I may owe you a little explaining. Yeah, the punch line is all about the final recommendation (#12). ‘sorry ‘bout that. 

On the other hand, if our planetary ecosystem, cultures, and societies were being periodically adjusted, what changes would serve for the greatest common good? This is a very political question. This is a very liberal question. 

Yes, the aliens’ recommendations are more than "insensitive” to individual welfare. Now, let’s us go back, get everybody together, and figure out how to save ourselves and our planet.