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Poem: The Pledge

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The Pledge

Life Will Get You in the End:
Short Stories by David Satterlee

from the book: Life Will Get You in the End:
Short stories by David Satterlee

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Our young man vows his eternal admiration, devotion and delight to whomever he might fall in love with. Yeah, you say that now...

The Pledge

Who can say the worth of a day,
Or put a value on life.
When happiness grows more than anyone knows,
While I’m with you, my love and my wife.

The poets would praise you in immortal verse
For others to marvel and read
How one woman and man were so perfectly matched
As to always fulfill their mate’s need.

Stargazers would honor new stars with your name
And white clouds would paint it on skies.
And I would whisper it under my breath
As I gazed deep into your blue eyes.

I love you my darling, eternal delight.
You’ve become so much more than a friend.
We’ve united in flesh, heart, and mind for all time.
A union that won’t breach or bend.
                                              February 22, 1972