Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poem: Social Capital

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Social Capital

Life Will Get You in the End:
Short Stories by David Satterlee

from the book: Life Will Get You in the End:
Short stories by David Satterlee

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A traveling sage, in the Mid-east in Biblical times, makes a choice between building buildings and building relationships. 

Social Capital

He came to us from far away
Across the barren land —
Lonely and forgotten from
His trek across the sand.

The well refreshed his very soul
And so he praised it much.
He thought of wonders he had seen
And knew that this was such.

He spoke of joining trust in plans
And building mighty towers.
But, we could little trust to him
This land, which was not ours.

We bid him leave, with heavy heart
And, “Do you know the way?”
And almost knew, though, as he left
That he’d be back some day.

His goal would be less strong to build,
But more to give a smile.
Now, who’d begrudge a gift like that?
It’s good once in a while.