Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poem: The Lament of Solomon

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The Lament of Solomon

Life Will Get You in the End:
Short Stories by David Satterlee

from the book: Life Will Get You in the End:
Short stories by David Satterlee

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Solomon, as you may remember, was a king of Israel and renowned for his proverbial (pun intended) wisdom. He is also the author of what may be the oddest book of The Holy Bible, "The Song of Solomon" - a love song.

The Lament of Solomon

Have you seen my delightful one?

Have you really come to know her?

Has she spoken your name and

Made you love her?

Her name is “Understanding.”

Find her and she will fill your heart.

Know her and she will fill your mind.

Love her and she will never leave you.

Follow her and she will show you your way

And make it straight without harm.

Find your companion and share her.

Find your friend and bring them together.

Find your neighbor, and introduce them,

For she increases life in all her lovers.

Open your soul to her caress

And know her touch,

For it will comfort you in your need

And strengthen you in your lack.

Be warned in this only:

If you find her; if you ever chance to touch her,

Do not send her away; she will not go.

Her taste will not leave off returning.

If you refuse her, she will linger — 

Making all others bitter to your palette.

Do not deny her insistent demands;

She will possess you —

Returning all your attentions a thousand fold.